Abraham acknowledged that the visit was not a random

It s unclear if the skills transfer from football to frozen treats https://www.steelerspitzone.com/brian-mihalik-jersey-c-64.html, but Le Veon Bell can at least now list some experience on his resume next time he applies for a job at an ice cream stand.

Ahead of a Sept. 4 deal that netted the running back 12.1 million for the year, Bell joked at the end of August through social media that he needed to find work and was applying for a job at Dairy Queen.

One way or the other, despite a franchise tender making his stay with the Steelers offense definite, his references must have checked out. On Tuesday, Bell walked into the Dairy Queen in New Kensington and started his training.

Bell learned the intricacies of the Dilly Bar, mixed a few Blizzards and dipped a cone alongside his mother, Lisa don t tell Bell, but his mom s cone dipping skills far outstrip his own . Bell even worked the drive thru lane, much to the surprise of waiting customers.

Jared Abraham, who along with his father, Kevin, opened the Freeport Road ice cream store about four years ago https://www.steelerspitzone.com/roy-philon-jersey-c-65.html, said Bell was humble and clearly having a good time.

“I was nervous leading up to this — there were cameras everywhere, and I was shaking while making this stuff,” Abraham said. “But he was like another guy here He was cool, he joked, he loves Dairy Queen.

“He was excited to make everything he did.”

Abraham acknowledged that the visit was not a random occurrence, but rather a planned event orchestrated by Dairy Queen corporate. Still, he was happy to be in on the joke about the state of the running back s job status.

“Dairy Queen reached out to him after he did the social media post about applying for a job,” Abraham said. “But he still seemed very excited to be here. As excited as we were to have him https://www.steelerspitzone.com/matt-feiler-jersey-c-66.html, he seemed just as excited.”

So, maybe the event wasn t a spontaneous visit from a football giant to hang out with his otherwise none the wiser fans.

But even if it was a staged PR stunt, for the few diehard football fans handed an ice cream cone by a Steeler Maurkice Pouncey Jersey, it truly was a rare and unexpectedly cool treat.

Matthew Medsger is a Tribune Review staff writer.


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